Design/Consolation Meetings:

$85.00 per hour
•    + Travel time
•    Minimum 1 hour charge
•    Lessons & Workshops

$85.00 per hour
•    New Patterns
•    Existing Patterns/Digitizing
•    Revisions

$85.00 per hour
•    Nested Patterns
•    Established or Stock Grade Rules
•    Create New Grade Rules
•    Create Product Size Charts

$85.00 per hour
•    Yields included
•    Special Layups, Placement, Strips, Plaids +upcharge per fabric (Inquire within)

Service Upcharge:
Additional $5.00 per hour will be tacked onto standard hourly rate
•    On all services renderes through 3rd party sites (Etsy, Upworks, Etc.)

Additional Services

Fitting: $85.00 per hour

  • At APM’s office, client location, or by Zoom/Google Meet/Facetime.
  • + travel time to/from location 
  • Minimum 1/2 hour charge

Specification Sheets: $85.00 per hour

  • Full Packet or Partial upon request only.
  • Includes: BOM, Prototype POM, Sample PP Review, Graded POMs, Size Run Review, Pattern Details, Cut/Sew Construction
  • First packet included in hourly rate, additional copies +$10.00 per request

Cutting & Sewing Prototypes:  $50 per hour  *Not offered at this time.*

  • In-house developed products/patterns only
  •  Contact to check availability
  • + 1 Hour consulting time with Sample Sewer @ $85.00 hour

Printing (Electronic Patterns): $5.00 per yard

  • Single size pattern (non-nested)
  • Graded nest
  • Marker – contact APM for pricing.
  • Manila patterns-Hand drafted version @$85.00 per hour up to 6 pieces; over 6 pieces additional $8.00/piece . *Not offered at this time.*
  • Manila (Tagboard) Pattern Paper – Blank paper, 48″ wide @ 3.00 per yard.

Data Transfer: $25.00 per transfer

  • Patternmaking, grading services include first digital pattern file, additional pattern files + $25.00 per request.
  • File Conversions Formats: PDS, AAMA, DXF, Ai, PDF.
  • Import/Exports: No patterning service included, straight import/export @ $25.00 per file.

Rush Charge:
•    50% upcharge for 24 hour turn times.

1.    Refer to “APM Pattern Making Services Agreement” link here.
2.    30% up-charge applies to all patterns revisions not originally developed by APM.
3.    All new client projects require a down payment deposit.
4.    Estimate of Services & Time frames available upon request.     


 *APM has the option to change rates at any given time.