Do you have a desire to learn how the pattern drafting process works, how to alter patterns, make them for yourself, make your own product line, or even how to fine-tune patterns for proper fit? APM owner, Traci Anderson has taught patterning courses over the last fifteen years at local colleges and universities while also specializing as a Patternmaker/Technical Designer in the field.

Throughout those years students have applied their new skill sets, by creating various sloper types from scratch, fitting sloper muslins to body proportions, and altering slopers to achieve desired fit, aesthetics, and design aspirations. Students have gone from beginners with no experience to designing their own patterns from concepts to sewing up garments and presenting within class settings in less than one year.

If you want to learn more about patterning and/or how to fine-tune your patterning skills. Consider APM’s instructional options and resources listed below today and begin developing and designing your new product ideas today.



E-COURSES (online):       

Fundamentals of Pattern Drafting: Learn the fundamentals of pattern drafting at your own pace and in the comfort of your home, at work, or while traveling. This is the perfect course for those who are new to pattern drafting or already know how to alter patterns/design patterns but would like to refine their knowledge and skill set.

Create Your Own Pattern Design: Through video tutorials learn step-by-step how to adjust your pattern to create a different look. A great introduction to adding design lines to a pattern that changes the hem and neckline. Then apply facings to match. The course includes a FREE downloadable full-scale A-line sloper (pattern) for practicing steps along with the video.



Social Media/Virtual Group Forum:  “Patternmaking Mentoring for DIY’s” Facebook Group. Enjoy asking questions, provide feedback, and chat about patternmaking related topics. Even practice pattern challenges, and tutorial lessons to enhance your patterning skills with step-by-step examples at your own pace. 



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