This listing is for the purchases of three quarter scale slopers (or blocks) templates;

  • Waist Dart Front Sloper
  • Waist/Shoulder Dart Sloper
  • Elbow Dart Sleeve Sloper

These three slopers are required for practicing pattern manipulations for the APM’s patternmaking 1 class, online course, or on your own. These three slopers are your starting basic slopers and additional sloper types can be built of these sloper as you progress or purchased.

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Download mini Sloper patterns (blocks) and print them off on your printer to test various pattern drafting techniques. Each sloper pattern is downloadable PDF page that will print on letter head sizes paper (8 1/2 inch x 11 inch). Be sure to print page 1 first and measure the 2 inch square scale to confirm your sloper patterns print to correct scale on your printer.